Next to Kate's clinical work she also regularly carries out research and presents her findings at International Conferences. Her current areas of interests are the effects of self compassion practices on anxiety and depression.


  • Article in Context - the magazine for family therapy and systemic practice in the UK No. 147, October 2016, "Mindful family therapy in a medicalised setting". Please read: Uncorrected proof.


  • Mindful Self Compassion teacher training completed


  • 49th Australian Psychological Society Conference, Hobart

    Professional Practice Forum (Paper #111)

    Releasing our professional power: Australian psychologists embracing society's challenges to refugee/asylum seeker trauma

    In this forum, Kate explored with her long time friend and co-researcher, Lynne Baker, the experience of Australian psychologists in relation to the knowledge that asylum seekers in Australia are experience trauma and mental health challenges as a result of governmental policies. How can we take our power?


  • Fictions from a Medicalised Family Therapy Practice

    In this article Kate explores the effects of the DSM on the practices of a narrative therapist.

    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy

    Special Issue: DSM-5 and Family Therapy

    Volume 34, Issue 2, pages 104—113, June 2013




  • Spaces: Within and Without. Mixed Media Installation. Arts Based Educational Research Conference, University of Bristol.

    In this installation Kate explored the effects of working with a client with life threatening anorexia on the psychotherapist using auto ethnography.